This site, like more than a few others, speculated that Biden was a dead man walking — i.e., it was only a matter of time before he was prematurely removed from office.  The timing was unsure, whether he would be removed before the mid-term elections or after.  It looks like his handlers (aka the Whore of Babylon) decided on the latter.

All of the recent revelations about Biden having taken classified material to his private residences were made by his own people.  The Whore has made the move to remove their hand puppet from office — even if Biden or his son, Hunter, did take the classified documents themselves, the Whore could have easily covered up this crime (as they have so many others) if they wanted to.

Unfortunately, even with the removal of Biden as President, we are still stuck with Karmala Harris — and the Whore remains the power behind the hand puppets.  Given this, nothing will change, other than the removal of a sad, old man from office.  At least they did not kill the President with Covid as a pretext.

We stand by our argument that the Whore has ripped out the heart of democracy in America by fraudulently winning the last Presidential election (and without a doubt, other elections were stolen last November as well).  Babylon has fallen to the Whore and now we await the coming schism between the Whore and the Beast (please read previous posts and Topics if that was just gibberish to you).  The continued escalation of the war in Ukraine supports our argument that a broadening of the Ukraine conflict into a NATO-Russia conflict could serve as the catalyst for this schism, where the Beast will turn on the Whore.

The world is filled with the signs of Revelation.

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