A reoccurring topic has been the growth of the underclass in America — people who are unemployed, underemployed, partly employed, or even though will regular jobs but who pay is going down directly from wage cuts or indirectly from inflation.  A recent edition of the New York Times had a short human interest piece on the growing number of young and educated Americans in Seattle, who have no homes.  They cannot even find work at fast food restaurants like McDonalds.  As I had argued earlier, the economics of globalization and illegal immigration means that hardship for US workers.  Globalization has resulted the massive loss of factory jobs needed to support a middle class, and illegal immigration has taken away entry level and lower paying jobs from the youth of America.

In a different article, Joseph E. Stiglitz, a Noble prize winning economist, has made public statements about how the US Federal Reserve monetary policies are helping to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer — something that this site has argued repeatedly in the past (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-20/fed-s-4-trillion-rescue-helps-hedge-fund-as-savers-hurt.html).

These economic policies that continue to weaken the middle class base of America are ones that will make America more at risk to falling under the dominion of the Beast when he ascends to power.  The Beast will be an usurper of liberty, and he take away freedom from those who fall under his authority.  If America is to avoid this fate, America must acknowledge what is occurring in the economy and make new economic policies.

Obama and his supporters will not do this.  They are the ones who are failing to defend the borders of the US from illegal immigration.  Obama is firmly behind Bernanke and what the US Federal Reserve is doing to the people of America.

I believe the most overriding instruction that Jesus has give us is to love one’s neighbor as much as we love God.  If we love and care for someone, we show that through action and deed.  Believers need to act, to fight to keep America secure from the evil that will soon rise.


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