Even with the re-election of Obama, America can still make walk a path that will lead away from the Beast.  There are two key decisions that await America.

First, the massive increase in government debt under Obama must stop.  Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are attempting to create another leverage-driven financial bubble, with the real negative interest rates, with their massive buying of government and mortgage debt, and their massive printing of money.  The debt bubble being created by Obama and Bernanke will lead to an economic meltdown of such proportion, that the social upheaval that follows in the wake of its bursting, will lead to the rise of the Beast over America.

The Presidency and the Senate have fallen under the power of those who share the political agenda of the Beast.  It is only the House of Representatives that is fighting for policies that can save America from falling under the dominion of the Beast.  They are trying to stop the massive debt bubble from growing any further.  This is incredibly important.

Second, America is undergoing a shale gas/oil driven explosion.  It is predicted that America’s production of oil and gas will outstrip Saudi Arabia, if the present trend continues.  This means that America can achieve energy independence.  This also means that any oil supply disruptions from a war in the Middle East will no longer have significant impact on the US economy.

America’s military spending is more than the world’s next top 10 spenders combined (i.e. Russia and China and 8 other nations).  If America achieves energy independence, then there will be absolutely no pretext for the continuation of committing so much of the nation’s wealth into things that just blow up (or things that blow up other things).  The Beast will march his armies to Israel, to challenge God at Armageddon.  Only the US has a military force that can successfully invade the Middle East – the US military assets must be reduced in Europe and the Middle East to reduce the possibility that American soldiers will be used for that final battle.

The Beast will rise as a head of a10 nation confederacy.  To increase the chances that America will not be caught up in that political union, America needs to strengthen itself from within, and bolster its border defenses.  America must stop wasting its wealth on being the policeman of the world (at present, only China remains as a direct threat as it is the most hegemonic country in the world as it actively seeks to expand its national borders at the expense of its neighbors).

With the shale oil/gas boom, America has a chance to stop its debt bubble and to begin rebuilding an American economy that generates good jobs for Americans.  By making drastic military cuts and reducing military commitments to Europe and the Middle East, America  has a chance to refocus on its domestic economy and bring true economic prosperity to its people – one that is not build on destabilizing government debt.


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