I have been watching a site that has a US drought monitor on it (http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/).  It shows that drought conditions in important US agricultural areas continue.  Experts are predicting that this drought will continue in 2013.  This will ensure that global grain prices will remain high and food inflation will affect everyone.

No one wants to come out and speculate on whether global warming is the main factor causing this drought, but if it is, then the drought could intensify as global temperatures continue to rise.  Many farmers have been pumping water from underground aquifers to help offset the lack of rain, but many farmers are not able to access this source of water.  As the gas/oil industry is also pumping out significant amounts of water from the underground aquifers as well, competition for this water is growing.
Perhaps it is time to pick up a new hobby — baking bread.  Though it sounds time consuming (I plan to start, but have not yet done so), it may be a well rewarded effort in the long run.  Basically, the idea is to buy a barrel of red hard wheat (there are actually a number of varieties of wheat), use you own wheat grinder to make whole wheat flour, and make your own bread.  There are actually a number of simple flat bread recipes out there for simple and delicious bread.  I was traveling in northern India once and stayed in some local villages.  I was given simple home made flat bread with my meals and it was not only delicious but also very healthy.
The idea is that by buying whole wheat in bulk, you will learn how to store it — if done properly, the wheat can last years.  This will insure that you will have emergency food rations should an absolute shortage occur.  You will have already bought a manual wheat grinder (with an electric attachment so you have the option do it the easy, and also the ability to grind wheat should you lose electrical power), and will already be practiced in making bread should that become your only option.
Another possible hobby is buying a food drier.  For example, you can make dried tomatoes and then seal them in vacuum packs.  You can experiment with other fruits and vegetables as well.  The idea is to be able to cheaply build up a food inventory that can last for a number of months — and be able to enjoy good, healthy food at the same time.
Eat healthy foods, cheaply, and build up an emergency food supply at the same time — an efficient and rewarding use of your time.  Jesus said that we should not worry about what we will eat and what we will wear, as God takes care of sparrows — but no use waiting for a miracle everyday to get fed during a food crisis.  Take care of yourself and your family — and if you have extra, then share with your neighbors and you can be God’s miracle to others.

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