I will try to make it to the library — yes, they still do serve a purpose — in hopes of finding a detailed account of the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party.  The agents of the Beast seem to be using it as a model in their current drive for political power.  The Wikipedia account, though very general, offers some interesting insights.


This site argues that the Beast, aka the Anti-Christ, will become a tyrant after he rises to power.  Just like Hitler, the Beast will rise to power over a democratic state (in this case, a newly merged 10-nation mega-state).  Hitler convinced the democratically elected assembly to grant him dictatorial powers.  One can easily imagine that the Anti-Christ will employ a similar tactic.

America is being bombarded by the propaganda of the Beast — just as the Nazis did in Germany.  The Sturmabteilung, aka the Nazi Brownshirts, are now reborn in the so-called ‘anti-fa’.  Their violent suppression of opposing political voices have been condoned by the mass media and the politicians who serve the Beast.  By studying the tactics used by Hitler as he rose to power, we can better understand what is going on in America today, as the agents of the Beast sow conflict for their own political ends.  A new tyrant is coming, as prophesied in Revelation — the signs of Revelation surround us.

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