This site has been making mention of the opening of the Sixth Seal rather frequently lately.  We have argued that it is the next major event in the timeline found in Revelation.  With the opening of the Sixth Seal, we have speculated that it will be manifested by a major eruption of a supervolcano, possibly in the western half of America.  It seems that someone at NASA has similar concerns:

A NASA-related scientist put forth a couple of proposals meant to forestall and eventually prevent the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera.  Obviously, he is worried about it.  Unfortunately, it will take thousands of years and billions of dollars to work.  Given that by my reckoning, there may be two or three separate supervolcano eruptions in the next few decades (according to the prophecies of Revelation), the proposals, even if enacted tomorrow, would do nothing to forestall the coming eruption(s).

We have recently started to speculate that God may wait to open the Sixth Seal, until enough Believers in America ask Him to open it.  Given the possible negative impact that a supervolcano eruption would have on people in America, God may want to be given the go-ahead sign before moving ahead.  God may be all powerful and knowing, but that doesn’t mean He can’t be considerate (even though surely there will be suffering and death should we be correct in our arguments about the supervolcano).


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