This site previously highlighted research which said that many areas of the world would warm to such a degree, that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for man to continue living there.  The researchers argued that not only the day time heat, but also the night time heat, would rise to such a degree that the human body would not be able to endure.  However, even before the heat rises to that level, it would seem that the lack of rain and evaporation of moisture could first create a catastrophic drought, such that the land would become uninhabitable.  It could be possible that Iran has entered such a phase.

Iran is in a midst of a drought that is affecting a significant portion of the country.  The lack of rain is being exacerbated by the fact that high temperatures is causing a massive loss of water through evaporation – a phenomena that will only worsen as global warming advances.

It has been argued that global warming and drought was a primary factor behind the social unrest in Syria, which was exploited by those trying to overthrow the Assad regime.  The water riots in the south of Iran seem to be mirroring the Syria paradigm, as the Trump administration is now trying to overthrow the current Iranian government.

Should Trump prove successful in sparking a civil war in Iran, then the result could be the same from the wars that were created in Afghanistan (direct US invasion), Libya (support of proxies and direct involvement), Syria (support of proxies and direct involvement), and Iraq (direct US invasion) – hundreds of thousands of people may eventually be killed and millions of refugees will flee the violence.  Death and Hades may find a new region to add to their dominion.  We will continue monitoring events in this region.


The election of Trump was a major setback to those pursuing the political agenda of the Beast.  The agents of the Beast have been forced to focus primarily on illegal immigration and the use of voter fraud in their attempts to win back political power.  This site has argued that the agents of the Beast are seeking to undermine the sovereignty of the nation-state.  Revelation tells us that the Anti-Christ will come to power over a mega-state, comprised of 10 politically merged nation-states.  Given this, the agents of the Beast seek to prepare the way for his rise to power, by actively seeking to undermine and eventually to destroy the sovereignty of nation-states.  The mass influx of illegal immigrants attacks the very nature of the nation-state, as that is an attack on the borders, the most fundamental aspect of a sovereign nation.  Furthermore, the agents of the Beast are then trying to give illegal immigrants the ability to vote, thereby attacking the heart of democracy – the election process.  The agents of the Beast hope to use voter fraud by illegal immigrants to sway close elections, helping them to accumulate the political power they need to groom the nation for the political rise of the Beast.

Though there are establishment Republican politicians who have been corrupted or co-opted by the Beast, it seems as if the entire Democratic Party has come under the complete sway of the Beast’s agents.  There supporters carry “Open Border” signs as they attack those attempting to protect the nation’s borders.  They engage in acts of political violence and intimidation against those who hold differing political views – they are truly Orwellian by calling themselves “Anti-fascists” while behaving like the Brown Shirts of Hitler.  The rhetoric of the mass media, of the so-called liberal left of Hollywood, and of the arm-chair generals of social media seek to justify the acts of political violence of the so-called “anti-Fa”.  Should conservatives and Believers actually take the bait and move to defend themselves, then those who have preached for political violence may learn the notion of accountability.


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