Last week, a couple of stories that we have been following had updates.

In the first article, we see a direct link between the acidification of the oceans water (i.e. decreasing ph levels) and a reduction of an ocean food source.  Previously we discussed a report from a biologist who found that off the coast of Washington, muscles were disappearing from the rocks.  He speculated that acidification of the ocean was weakening them.  In this new report (, the decreasing ph level of the ocean is directly linked to the dying off of oyster larvae.  At the moment, it seems that this phenomena is limited to the Pacific Northwest, however there have been reports of other areas being negatively affected.  I read a report that a mysterious virus was killing off coral in large areas around Hawaii — the acidification of the ocean could be weakening the coral.  Similarly, a separate report said that coral death on the Great Barrier reef (off the Queensland coast of Australia) had suddenly accelerated, and they unexpectedly found large areas of dead coral.  One prophecy in Revelation calls for a massive die off of fish in the oceans.  Should the acidification of the oceans water begin to kill off plankton and krill, then the ocean’s food chain could break, which could lead to the realization of that prophecy.

In another report, Reuters news discussed the continuation of the drought in the US (  Just as the growing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is responsible the acidification of the oceans, it is also responsible for the climate change that is causing this long period of drought in the US.  Grain production is being affected, and grain prices have gone up significantly this past year.  This is a long term trend, and should this drought in the US turn out to be the ‘new normal’, food prices will sky rocked and poorer nations will suffer from food shortages.  Revelation refers to starvation more than once, and I believe that the food shortage will be a global phenomena.  This is a long term trend that needs to be followed closely.  God tells us that we should not worry about what we will eat or what we will wear, as He will provide for us.  However, there is no use in tempting fate — make plans on how you will be able to procure food in times of shortages.


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