This bit has nothing to do with Signs of Revelation per se, so go ahead and skip it if you prefer, as I just wanted to bring up an idea that came to mind.

Many Western nations have been imposing “carbon taxes” on their own economies, in a failed attempt to reduce carbon emissions.  This merely raises the costs of production, which is met with increases in imports — from China.  This is doomed to fail as China’s carbon emissions continue to raise — they now represent one-third of global man-made carbon emissions.

Western nations who want to do something about global warming should impose carbon import taxes on highly polluting nations — which would include America as well as China.  This would penalize the real polluters of the world, without unfairly punishing domestic manufacturers who are being undercut by Chinese economic warfare policies.

However, at the end of the day, there is already enough carbon in the atmosphere that is consistent with a 7 degree Celsius rise in average global temperatures — i.e. it is too late to talk about reducing carbon emissions.  The prophecies of Revelation tells us that there will be a massive spike in global temperature, which is consistent with a body of scientific research.

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