This past Sunday, September the 4th, the former Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroder gave an interview with Der Spiegel, a German magazine.  In discussions concerning the European debt problems, Schroder called for the individual governments within the EU to pass their fiscal sovereignty to the European Parliament and in effect, create a ‘United States of Europe’.
This is consistent with our previous arguments that the current government debt crisis in Europe could be the catalyst for the splitting of the EU and the creation of the 10-nation union that the Beast will come to lead.  The implications of this are tremendous.  First, it implies that the current financial crisis in Europe has yet to climax.   Problems in Greece and other EU nations will continue to worsen until finally the EU will move to a full political unification — with only 10 nations choosing that path. Second, a move to political unification by the ‘Unholy 10’ (those nations that will fall under the dominion of the Beast) within the near few years may mean that Christ’s return may be much closer than I had imagined possible.  Current biblical interpretation gives us as much as 40 more years until His return, but events may start to occur at a faster pace.  One scripture refers to the signs of Christ’s return as ‘labor pains’.  As the final climax of birth draws closer, the birth pains occur at a faster frequency — perhaps the pace of events that lead to the End of Days will also show themselves in a more intense and faster fashion.  Third, the servants and minions of the Beast, both unwitting and knowing, are extremely active in our governments, in the media, and in our society in general.  It would be a fruitless endeavor to attempt to guess who the Beast is, but as the scriptures say, by their fruit, you shall know them.  Those that seek to further speed the moral corruption of our society (normalization of homosexuality, legalization of narcotics, and worse), those that continue their attacks on the Christian foundation of western nations — those are the servants of the Beast.  The world’s financial markets are interlinked more now than ever.  The final financial explosion that will push the EU to full political integration will rock the US as well.  Not only must we pray to God to keep America out of the Unholy 10’s union, but we must act and fight to keep America from being pulled into that Unholy confederation when the time comes.  If we should fail, then tremendous suffering awaits the Believers in America.  It is not written in Revelations that American will fall under the sway of the Beast — but neither does it rule it out.  It will be up to the prayers and work of the Believers to stop that tragedy from happening.


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