The US Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare is constitutional.  The majority opinion ruled that while the individual mandate clause forcing individuals to buy private insurance was unconstitutional under the Commerce clause, it was constitutional as a tax.  I will not say anything further except to say that you should read the dissenting opinion for an excellent and logical counter argument.

As we feared, the Court has supplied the Beast with legal precedent to force his mark upon the American people.  The Beast can now require all Americans to get his mark in order to enter into any and all economic transactions or be required to pay a “tax” (one that will be extremely punitive in degree).

Up till now, one paid a tax when doing something like buying cigarettes or alcohol.  From now on, expect “taxes” when we do not want to do something that the government wants us to do — God knows what else we will be required to do or be penalized with more “taxes”.  The IRS will become the new culture police of the federal government.

I grow ever more fearful that America will not be able to escape the grasp of the Anti-Christ at the time of his ascension.

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