The escalation of the fighting in Ukraine increases the risks of a major European war.  Though Obama has stated that he has not intention of any military intervention in Ukraine, and though Merkel (and other European leaders) have neither the intention nor the means to intervene militarily in Ukraine, war can still occur.  As the US threatens an economic war with Russia, pushing its reluctant allies to follow (Canada and Australia not being so reluctant given their natural resource sectors),  unexpected events can still occur — perhaps Ukraine, not accepting being left to fend for itself, will think of a way to create a European war as a way to get military help against Russia.

The release of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th riders in Revelation seem to represent a growing escalation, a magnification, of events.  The second rider, the Red Rider, will bring conflict.  The 3rd rider, the Black Rider, will be food shortages/food inflation.  The fourth rider, Hades, will be accompanied by Death, and they will bring war (as does the Red Rider), famine (as does the Black Rider), and pestilence to a quarter of the world.  In other words, Hades and Death will expand the areas already experiencing war and famine to a quarter of the entire world, and in addition to that, they will also bring pestilence (and wild animal attacks, however that my manifest itself).

We have argued that either a European war involving Russia, or an Asia war involving China would serve as confirmation of the release of the second horseman, the Red Rider.  There is enough of the world already experiencing conflict and death, so that any further significant increase in global conflict should be interpreted that the Red Rider is now galloping around in his dominion.  When that comes to pass, all Believers must ready themselves for the 3rd rider, the bringer of food shortages (and famine).

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