The notion of ‘the rapture’, where God calls up his Believers to heaven at some point during the End of Days, is a relatively new teaching.  It was first espoused in the 1830’s in England before becoming popularized in America.  It is safe to say it was not something that Paul taught.  Given this, I would argue that Believers should not ‘go all in’ on the notion that they will be spared the chaos of the End of Days.

I have only recently become aware of the phrase ‘preppers’.  As the Mormon Church encourage their members to be well stocked on emergency food supplies, there are a number of companies in Utah that specialize in that space.  It has been reported that they are doing a very brisk business.

For the rich, they can buy an island.  For the rest of us, should we still be here when the Beast ascends to his place of power, then we are in a lot of trouble.  The most problematic issue is how we will be able to survive without getting the mark of the Beast — as the Beast will require people to get his mark if they are to buy or sell anything.  I had a number of thoughts on the issue, but the bottom line is that Believers will need to go underground — we will need an underground economy to buy and barter goods/services.  Bartering is a very inefficient method of purchasing goods and services.  When the Beast comes to power, then all cash will be outlawed, so even in an underground economy, what will serve as money?  The only means that comes to mind is silver and gold coins/bullion — however, it would seem that silver bullion coins would be the most efficient means for everyday transactions.  Even today, the police are free to confiscate any cash they find, so in the days of the Beast, it will be a crime to hold silver and gold coins/bullion — and it will be confiscated whenever it is found.  However, just as it was in the early days of the Church, so will it be in the End of Days — Believers will be judged criminals and outlaws to be hunted.  This future is still probably 20 years away so there is yet time to prepare.

Perhaps it is time to draw up plans for our underground economy.

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