In Revelation 6:2, Jesus opens the first seal and unleashes a rider on a white horse.  Given the ambiguous description of the rider, the interpretation of this passage has been debated on for hundreds of years.  The consensus evangelical interpretation is that the white horseman represents the Anti-Christ and those preparing for his rise.  I believe that the White Horseman has been set loose and is busy ‘conquering’ on behalf of the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ).  Given what we know about the Beast from Revelation, let me pose a question —

If the Anti-Christ were in control of the President and Congress, what laws would he make?

One of the foremost goals of the Beast is the creation of a superstate.  The Beast is seeking to politically merge the democracies in Western Europe (as prophesied in Revelation), and I also believe the Beast aspires to have Israel and America to also politically merge with the superstate.  The Beast and his children are well underway to attain their goals in Europe via the European Union.  The EU nations are working towards political union, and it is only a matter of time before they create some form of a politically merged superstate.  The question is, what intermediate steps are necessary to convince the U.S. voters to throw away their sovereignty and join with the European superstate?

The easiest first step would be to lose control of the border — after all, what is more fundamental to the identity of a nation than its sovereign borders.  By not protecting its borders, America has made the first step towards its surrender of its sovereignty.  The next logical step would be to surrender control over who can live, work, and collect benefits due to its citizens.  The media says there see 11 million people living and working illegally in the U.S. — given that this is figure quoted by the media, the real numbers are surely much larger.  One report estimates that over 500,000 have entered the country illegally this year alone.  Again, America has surrendered another sovereign power.

The surrender of control over the nation’s borders and over immigration can be seen as a means to a more insidious end — the subversion of the democratic process itself.  One way to overcome the natural desire of Americans to remain an independent nation is to overwhelm their votes with those who owe no allegiance to the nation.  Obama is expected to grant amnesty to all of the illegal immigrants in America (as the Democrats were unable to get the ‘immigration reform’ bill passed by Congress) — which is encouraging even more illegal immigration.  As the Supreme Court and other federal judges as preventing laws that would require voters to show photo ID when voting, these illegal immigrants will be able to participate in US elections.  As many political campaigns are very close, the swelling numbers of illegal votes can be harnessed to further erode the sovereignty of the nation.  This is but one process by which the Anti-Christ and his children can work on their goal of merging America into the coming European superstate.

If the Anti-Christ and his children were in control of Washington DC, they would be working to undermine the Constitutional rights and protections of the people.  One feature of the coming superstate is that the Beast will govern it as a tyrant.  To move from a democracy to a dictatorship requires a steady weakening of democracy.  Once weakened, different crisis can then be used to batter at the weaken foundation to cause it to collapse. In the past ten years, America has seen a steady erosion of the rights and protections of its citizens.  A perfect example of this process can be seen in the notion of ‘civil forfeiture’.

In the early 1970’s, the federal government initiated a deliberate policy of seizing the assets of suspected drug lords and other organized crime operations (i.e. the Mafia).  Just like the current expansion of government power in the name of the fight against terrorism, it seemed okay to take away the illicit profits and the toys (fast boats, expensive cars, etc.) of drug lords.  However, over time new laws were made, expanding the ability of the government to seize any kind of asset, without any criminal charge.  It does not matter what the initial pretense is take away a citizen’s right or freedom – once, even the lowest form of criminal loses his constitutional right or freedom, that loss will be gradually expanded and enhanced, until greater society loses that assumed constitutional protection.

In the case of civil forfeiture, it seems just about any government organization has the ability to take a person’s property without any criminal charges, without any trial, without any presumed innocent until proven guilty.  The customs agents at the border can freely take any cash you are holding, police can use any excuse to take any cash they find, and then there is the IRS who can now take money from Americans no matter what country it may be found (via FATCA).

Now that the government has claimed the ability to suspend all constitutionally protected civil rights from a person labeled to be a ‘terrorist’ (the government only needs to deem someone a terrorist to treat them as one), that suspension constitutional rights will be expanded over time – just like civil forfeiture.  Just as a person labeled a terrorist by the government can be arrested without any charges, and held for an indefinite period of time, the government is now free to expand their power to do so to other categories of people.  The Obama administration has even claimed the governmental right to kill an American citizen, without being charged with a crime, let alone standing trial, should they deem him to be a ‘terrorist’.  I would argue that no matter how insidious a person is, once the government claims the ability to strip him of any constitutional right, then that right can be stripped from any citizen.

By asking ourselves what policies would the Anti-Christ make if he were in control of the Presidency and Congress, and then looking at what the current President and Congress have been doing, we can see that America is in grave danger of falling under the dominion of the Beast when he rises to power.  I believe that this outcome is not fated by the prophecies of Revelation, and thus Believers can and should fight to keep America safe from the Beast and his children.  The Beast will come to power over democratic nations that will throw away their sovereignty and forge a superstate – Believers have the ability to fight through the democratic process, that still exists, and save their nation from his dominion.  For the sake of our family and for our children, Believers need to exercise their democratic powers to fight against the political and cultural agenda of the Beast and his children.


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