There was news article recently that said WHO has recommended that Ebola victims in one of the stricken West African nations be treated at home going forward.  By this WHO is indicating that it has given up on at least one of those nations.  Given this, it makes sense for any residents of that nation to flee, because WHO is going to let the disease ‘burnout’ — the nation could come to look like a scene from ‘The Walking Dead’, with zombies replaced by Ebola victims and the survivors huddled in small groups desperately searching for food.  However, unlike the world of that TV show, the airports still work and people are still able to flee by plane.  For those people in West Africa with money, we can expect to see a continued movement to safer parts of the world, and unfortunately some of those people will become infected before they flee.

Unfortunately, the CDC is only insuring that Ebola will spread in the newly infected countries by its hospital protocols.  It has become fairly obvious to many the CDC is lying about the transmission of Ebola.  Experiments with apes has shown that Ebola can be transmitted via aerosol — when a person coughs, they can spew spittle and the virus can survive in those spittle droplets for hours.  This means that the masks used by healthcare workers are insufficient to protect them, and as the number of Ebola patients grows, healthcare workers will continue to become infected — just like in West Africa — because the CDC is lying about the transmission mechanism (healthcare workers need respirators, not surgical masks, to protect them from aerosol transmissions).

One can only speculate about why the CDC would knowing lie, but that is irrelevant when it come to the prophecies of Revelation.  Should we see the Ebola crisis spread to other parts of the world, then we must give serious consideration that the fourth seal has been opened, and that Death and Hades have been unleashed upon the world.  I would argue this given that pestilence is not mentioned in Revelation until the fourth seal.  It is still too early to say with confidence that Death and Hades have laid claim to their quarter of the world, so we will need to continue to monitor (the UN says the world has until December 1st to get Ebola ‘under control’ or else things will get real nasty — I suppose we will have to wait until then to see if the fourth seal has been opened).

For Believers, read Matthew 24 as Jesus talks at length about how Believers should prepare for His coming (it is pretty general, but see if it help give you direction), as well as John’s letter to the churches in the beginning of Revelation.  I believe that God has higher expectations for Believers in the End of Days — after all, we have the blessing to see the fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation.  God will reward Believers who endure the End of Days, so do not fear what may happen.  Rather than fear death, we should fear to not live a good life — a life that somehow incorporates doing work for God.


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