The UK government, particularly under Boris Johnson, has very much acted as if it were in the camp of the Whore.  I will not go into particulars.  However, the British Prime Minister has just made a statement that has wide ranging implications, when viewed in the light of End Days prophecy:

Johnson wants to recreate Roman Empire ideas about European co-operation (

Boris Johnson has finally made public the aspiration of the European Union, to create a revived Roman Empire, which will unite a politically merged European super-state, with countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Previously I had stumbled upon on site that discussed the activities of organizations whose long term goals were to bring about such a union (unfortunately, I did not save the links and can no longer find them).

The 7th chapter of the Book of Daniel foretells the coming of a revived Roman Empire, which will be under the dominion of the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ).  Please read it for yourself and you can refer to the many sites that discuss the generally accepted interpretation of its passages.  (The rise of the fourth kingdom (the fourth beast), described in Daniel 7:7-8, 19-20, and 23-25, is directly linked to passages in Revelation 13, which describe the rise of the Beast, aka the Anti-Christ.)

It is also important to make note that Israel, aka Judea, was part of the ancient Roman Empire.  This site has previously argued that the Beast seeks political control of Israel, in order to rebuild the Temple on the Mount.  John tells us in 2 Thessalonians 2:4, that the Beast will enter the rebuild temple to proclaim his godhood, and command that he be worshipped as such (with the implication that he will pose as the moschiach).  For this reason, we have argued that the Beast is attacking the notion of Zionism — that Israel is a nation for the Jewish people — as it is of central importance for the Beast to merge Israel into the coming European super-state.

Boris Johnson, by bringing up the notion of a revived Roman Empire, touches on many prophecies of the End of Days.  The world is truly filled with the signs of Revelation (and the Book of Daniel, and the Book of 2 Thessalonians).

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