Recent research has now ‘proven’ what we had long argued for — the global warming has a positive feedback loop.  In other words, the increase in global average temperatures has reached the point where it creates a further increase in global average temperatures.

When I first read about this, I was slightly surprised, because this site has been arguing this point from the very start.  Once the permafrost started to melt along with the sea ice in the Arctic regions, the release of methane would surely accelerate the pace of global warming — this position is now officially supported by scientific research.  There are other feed back loops, such as how the melting of the Antarctic land ice is affecting global ocean currents in a way that causes further warming in the Arctic region (where so much methane can be found in the permafrost).

By reading Revelation, we know that global warming will become much worse, and could be a driving force behind a number of prophecies found in Revelation.  God is showing us signs that Christ’s return is drawing ever closer — be like the smart bridesmaids, and make sure you prepare sufficiently so that you will make it to the wedding feast.

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