There is a new identification technology currently being implemented in India.  The system scans the eye and the finger print of the person, creating a unique and electronic identity.  It currently has over 100 million people in its system and is growing so fast, that it is expected to reach 200 million within the month.  India lacks a dependable national identification system — the new scan system is sponsored by some non-governmental group.
Revelations says that the Beast will place his mark either on the right hand or forehead.  The iris eye scan is near enough to the forehead, and the finger print close enough to the hand to be considered relevant for this prophesy.  Given that this system is being sponsored by a private enterprise, the odds are great that success in India will mean that they will try to sell the technology or implement the same system in other nations.  Many have thought the bio-chip that is implanted under the skin was the technology that would be employed by the Beast.  This new system is less invasive and thus would be easier to implement.

In a somewhat related story, Gingrich, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the US Presidential race, has proposed that a national identity card be issued to everyone in the US, and that the work be outsourced to the credit card company Visa/Mastercard.  This would be dangerous in light of the prophesies of Revelations.  It may seem innocuous, but it opens the way to the policies of the Beast.  The first step would be to issue the card for identification purposes.  But as this is done by the credit card company, the card can easily morph into a payment transaction vehicle.  Given the progress of technology, this can then easily morph into some sort of automated electronic identification/payment system using the technology being implemented in India.  The ability of the Beast to control the buying and selling of all goods and services with his mark will not happen overnight.  More infrastructure will need to be built, and new policies like Gingrich’s notion of a national identity card will be needed for the Beast to control the people under his dominion.

Believers must remain alert and act to fight against those who would seek to take away their liberties.  Any loss of liberty is one step closer to the rule of the Beast.

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