I have seen several statistics floating around considering the scale of US military spending.  One was that the US spent more money on its military than the rest of the world combined — perhaps a slight exaggeration.  A  more conservative estimate was that the US spent more on its military than the next ten countries combined.  The President recently announced a new plan for how the US will refocus its military in light of the USD 450 billion it will cut over the next 10 years.  In light of the prophesies of Revelations, it was quite interesting.
While the US will be making significant overall military spending cuts, it shift its focus more on East Asia and increasing its overall presence in that area.  The implication is that it will reducing its spending on Europe and the Middle East, and shifting assets away from that area.  I find this very exciting, especially in light of the fact that another USD 500 billion worth of cuts is currently required due to the fall out from the failure of the Super Committee to reach an agreement late last year.
If the US reduces its military assets in Europe and the Middle East, and further more by implication, push Europe to handle its own military affairs, then this would leave open the door for the Beast to lead an European army to the Sinai (the site of Armageddon).   This would be totally consistent with our current interpretation of the prophesies of Revelations as they pertain to the Beast and Armageddon.  It also gives us hope that the US will not fall under the dominion of the Beast when he rises to head the Unholy confederation of 10 nations.  Ten years from now, say in 2021, should the US military be greatly reduced, and should its main active military units be focuses on East Asia, then this might be enough to keep America out of Armageddon.  This is significant to the degree that it would imply that the US will not join the Beast’s Unholy Confederation of 10 nations, and thus, the American people will not be forced to take the Beast’s mark.

In light of the above analysis, the campaign of Ron Paul is quite interesting.  His foreign policy stance is attacked as radical isolationism.  He would basically make even more drastic military cuts and use that money on domestic programs.  While establishment politicians say we must defend the world, they do address the fact that those hundreds of billions of dollars could be spent making the lives of American better, rather than blowing up Arabs all over the the Middle East.  The election of Ron Paul is considered highly unlikely, but given that his policies would:  1.  begin to reverse the trend of the rich-getting-richer-and-the-poor-getting-poorer; 2.  his reduction in military spending and withdrawal of military assets from the world should mean that the US will not be involved with the Beast and Armageddon; 3.  Ron Paul would end the Federal Reserve’s constant flood of money creation and deflate the financial bubbles that it has caused — the turmoil of which would probably result in the economic and financial implosion of Europe and the final rise of the Beast.   It is highly unlikely that Ron Paul will win, but if he does, than the Return of Christ would surely be that much closer on hand than anyone could ever hope for.

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