A new topics page has been added — “The Beast and Israel”.  In order for it to appear on the top of the page, I had to give it an older date — I should have paid more to my site designers.

The fight for the future of Israel will be continue for years, if not decades, and so is deserving of a topics write-up.  The prophecies of the Beast and the false prophet are strongly linked to Israel and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.   It will be important to track the efforts to tear down Zionism in Israel, as the agents of the Beast seek to facilitate its merger with the coming European mega-state.

The issues relating to Zionism in Israel and the relations between Israeli Jews and overseas Jews can be quite convoluted and nuanced, so please forgive any oversimplifications — our goal is to merely comment on its linkages to the signs of Revelation (and 2 Thessalonians).

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