When I first started this website, it had never entered my mind that America was at risk of falling under the power of the Beast. America was not part of the European Union and did not use the euro as its currency. However, it gradually dawned on me that there was not only a risk of America falling under the sway of the Beast, but that America might also be the home of the Beast. The children of the Beast, those who are working for the implementation of laws and government policies that will usher in the Beast’s rise, are very active in America, as well as in Europe.
In Europe, the Beast’s minions are hard at work, pushing for full political union for EU members, among other things. In America, embedded in the heart of Obamacare, lies the needed expansion of federal government power that would allow the forced implementation of the Mark of the Beast. Should it be ruled that the federal government has the power to force Americans to enter into a private economic transaction, then it would open up a whole new realm of government control over the individual — i.e. it would represent a massive loss of individual liberty. The same arguments being used to defend Obamacare in the Supreme Court could be eventually be used to force every American to take the Mark and make it a requirement for every economic transaction. The children of the Beast can be seen clamoring for the Supreme Court to support their cause and allow the federal government this massive expansion of power.
Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of Obamacare, the risk that America will truly fall under the sway of the Beast increases exponentially. Should it pass, then when the Eurozone breaks up and the nations are wrapped up in social and economic chaos, look for the children of the Beast to seek for America to join that political union. I believe that at least 7 European countries will win their freedom from the Beast, but the question is, will America allow itself to be swallowed up in their stead? It is said that God has given us free will and choice. As America is still a free democracy, will the American voters make the right choices? If America choose wrongly, then a great tragedy will have occurred.

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