The much ado about nothing ruckus surrounding Whoopie Goldberg’s thoughts on the Nazi killing of Jews during WWII raised an interesting point.

Given all the finger pointing about racism now, Whoopie simply made the point that the Nazi slaughter of the Jews was not racist, as it was white people killing white people.  For the Nazi act of genocide to be considered “racist”, the Jewish people would need to be considered a separate and distinct race from the Caucasian race (aka white people).

Debra Messing, a Jewish actress, is always very vocal on social media, and she made the claim that Jews are a separate race.

Messing said: “@WhoopiGoldberg, you deeply hurt and offended me. By minimizing the horror of the Holocaust, the systematic annihilating of 6 MILLION Jews-which by the way IS a race-an attempted GENOCIDE to white on white crime?

There is also a book published, by a Jewish researcher, who claims there is sufficient DNA evidence to claim Jews are a distinct race.  Should this be the case, it would have interesting implications.

The most immediate implication is that the Zionist policies of Israel makes that country guilty of the same apartheid that was practiced in South Africa.  It makes the discriminatory Zionist laws and policies of Israel racist by nature, as it discriminates on the basis of race.  Further more, the systematic way that Jews discriminate against gentiles (i.e. non-Jews), would make them the most racist people in the whole world.

I would guess that for this reason, even if Jews believed they were a separate race, any socially aware Jew would know that it should be a belief only to be shared among themselves.

When looking into this subject, I stumbled upon something that I am not sure is true or not (though it would explain lots of things).  I found some sites that claimed pedophilia is not considered wrong, let alone a sin, among (some?) Orthodox Jews.  I was quite surprised by this, however, I would like to find a Jewish site that discussed this subject, before I considered it an accurate statement.  If we were to assume it were true, it would explain the high level of pedophilia among the Jewish population, as manifested by their support and promotion of homosexuality — we have often highlighted the fact that homosexuality is a product of gay sexual abuse of minors.

Now I suppose some would find this a rant against Jewish people, but I was merely just looking into the implications of what Whoopie Goldberg said.  I am sure the mass media will look to quickly put this incident behind them.

Onto other matters, it would appear that the Whore, the power behind the illegitimate Biden administration, is still very set on instigating a Russia invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine Official: ‘500 Tons of Defense Equipment” Received From US |

Ukraine to get bigger army but it doesn’t mean war imminent- president | Reuters

Russia state-affiliated media tweet: Military personnel ‘killed’ after Ukraine drone strike | Forexlive

At this point, I would suspect that America will continue to build up the military strength of Ukraine to the point where Ukraine will become emboldened enough to launch a full out assault on the break away region of Donbass.  Should that look to not happen before the November elections, then I would expect an attempt by America to make Ukraine a member of NATO, or formally initiate the process of joining.  This site has argued that the Whore (the illegitimate Biden administration) will seek to use a military conflict with Russia for two reasons — one is to weaken the Beast (the EU), and the other to give them cover to rig the November elections.  With this viewpoint, we would expect to see ongoing US provocations in Ukraine and its surroundings to continue, until Russia will feel that it has no other choice but to respond in a military fashion.

I suppose the wildcard in the drama is how the Beast, the power behind the European Union, will respond.  Revelation tells us that the “10 horns” of the Beast (perhaps the secular heads of the 10 nations that will eventually merge) will grow to hate the Whore (Revelation 17:16).  Perhaps a US instigate war in Ukraine, which draws in NATO, will be the catalyst for this hatred.

At the end of the day, we will just have to see how things play out.  It looks like 2022 will be quite an “interesting” year.  Be a faithful servant of God and like the bridesmaids waiting for the groom, be sure you have plenty of oil (Matthew 25:1-12).



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