America has been using its drones to bomb ‘terrorists’ in Yemen for quite some time now.  It also gave hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms to a ‘friendly’ government in the same country.  The ‘terrorists’ that were the target of American drone strikes have taken over the country of Yemen, and the friendly government has fled the country — which resulted in the insurgents ‘inheriting’ over USD 500 million worth of US arms.

The insurgents who took over Yemen are purported to be Shiites backed by the Iranian government, which would explain why Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen today — the monarchs of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are Sunni, and are in a regional power struggle with the Shiite Iranians.

At the very best, this is just another Middle East war (one could argue that there are already a number of separate wars going on in that region of the world), but this could be linked to something bigger.  There is an interpretation of a Biblical prophecy that argues that Russia will at some point move southward and attack Israel, and according to that prophecy, Israel will win the battle.  I had always thought that for Russia to make such a risky attack, there would have to be something very large at stake.  The only thing that I can imagine that big is Saudi Arabia, given its oil reserves.  I would assume that should such a battle occur, it would happen towards the latter parts of the End of Days.  Given this, one scenario now comes to mind:

1.  The Sunni monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are a relic in the modern world.  Like the King of England in the 18th Century, they ‘own’ all the oil in their kingdoms and the wealth that flows from it.  The Yemen-Saudi conflict will be the start of a long term war that will see the more numerous Shiites overwhelm the Sunni monarchs — strengthening the hand of the Iranian government.
2.  The fall of Saudi Arabia to an Iranian backed Shiite group will eventually threaten Israel to the point where the Israeli military will invade and hold parts of Saudi Arabia.  This would be the trigger for a call to be made to Russia, to help drive Israel from oil rich lands in Saudi Arabia.

Okay, that is probably more the plot of some fictional thriller novel, but we know from Revelation that once Death and Hades are loosed upon the world, wars will further intensify and expand in region and number.  If Russia is to attack Israel, then there will have to be a very big reason for it to do so — at present, there is absolutely nothing to gain from such a venture.

All excessive speculation aside, the Saudi-Yemen war opens up a very big can of worms.  Up until now, the Sunni monarchs were only using their military to squash internal Shiite dissent — now they have started a war with another nation in their attempts to keep Shiite influence off the Arabian Peninsula.  Things may really start to heat up now.  The red rider is hard at work.

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