I haven’t watched Bart Simpson for awhile now (yes, at one point, I did sort of watch that show regularly), but one scene that sticks in my head is where Bart and his sister are nagging Homer with ‘Are we there yet?’.  In some ways, that is how I feel when watching events in the European Union.  When it comes to its break up and reformation, ‘Are we there yet?’.

I have long argued (it feels like a long time anyway), that the EU will break up and then reform to created a politically unified superstate, thus bringing us one step closer to the ultimate rise of the Beast.  Will the current Greek ‘crisis’ (the markets do not believe we are in one) result in Greece leaving the EU, and thus start the process of its destruction in its current form?  We will know soon enough.

Based on the fact that Biblical scholars interpret certain passages in the Bible to argue that the Beast will come to power over a revived Roman Empire, we can see how Greece, Italy, France, and Spain have more in common with each other, than they do with Germany and the northern EU members.  We shall see if those southern EU members eventually politically unite should the current EU disintegrate.

Either way, for Believers, it is very important to vote and to work to keep your nation separate from the coming European superstate.  One can find political parties in Germany, France, England, and other nations that are working to free their nations from the EU.  In America, there are those whose long term goals would see America join with the coming Euro-superstate — their efforts must be resisted as well.


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