We have long argued that the melting permafrost in the Arctic zone and the release of methane, has become a self-reinforcing, natural (as opposed to man-made) global warming cycle.  Man-made global warming has progressed to the point where it has triggered natural global warming processes.  These natural global warming cycles, once triggered, will eventually trigger catastrophic global warming events, and will fulfill certain prophecies found in the book of Revelation.

It seems that more scientists are finally waking up to the implications of methane release in the Arctic.


A group of 50 scientists have come out with ‘new’ research, warning how the warming of ground soil in the Arctic will worsen global warming beyond ‘current expectations’.  For readers of this site, this is not new news.

When the summer-time Arctic becomes ‘ice free’ (as defined by less than 1 million square kilometers of ice), it will become an import marker for the coming of catastrophic global warming.  A summer-time ice free Arctic will start the clock on an explosive methane pulse that will erupt from the East Siberian Sea, and release enough methane to trigger the events described with the opening of the Seventh Seal (read ‘Science and the Seventh Seal’).

Trump may have expressed skepticism, and scorn, on the notion of global warming.  However, I would argue that it is too late to stop the natural global warming cycles from pushing temperatures to rise a further 7 degrees Celsius (one research piece argued that the amount of carbon currently in the atmosphere is consistent with a further increase in global average temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius).  The half-ass Paris global warming treaty will do nothing to stop what is to come — and what is foretold in the prophecies of Revelation.

Summer is coming.



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