The opening of the first seal, arguably the start of the End of Days, releases a rider on a white horse.  This rider represents those who are preparing the way for the rise of the Beast, aka the Anti-Christ.  We have argued that the Beast will pose as the long awaited secular Jewish moshiach (i.e. the messiah).  One revered Jewish thinker argued that it is a central obligation for every Jewish person to work for the coming of the secular Jewish moshiach.  With that insight we can better understand the almost religious ferocity that Jewish ‘activists’ show in their pursuit of political power — for it is by accumulating political power that the secular Jewish moshiach will ascend.

These ‘activists’ are still working to overturn the results of the US Presidential election, and gain power by installing Hillary as President.

These activists are seeking to corrupt or compromise enough Republican electors, to get them to not deliver their electoral votes to Trump.  The wealth of the agents of the Beast are vast, and they are still trying to use it to over turn the democratic process of the United States.

We have argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant.  His agents will seek to weaken and erode democratic process, institutions, and protections — this would enable the Beast to easily destroy any remaining vestiges of democracy when he comes to power.  These attempts to sabotage the electoral college system is a direct attack at the very heart of democracy — the election system.

By their fruits you shall know them — by these actions, we can clearly see the agents of the Beast at work.


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