This site has made certain arguments about the negative effects of US economic policies (trade, fiscal, and monetary) and their implications for the prophecies of Revelation.  Though I have not yet read the book, I have seen some interviews with David Stockman about his recently published book, ‘The Great Deformation’ (http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/stockman-bubbles-over-hide-cash-150205492.html).
Some of his arguments are similar to those made on this site, and he even uses our heroin analogy.  We are not alone in our views on the economy.

In a follow up to an early entry, I saw an article recently in the Financial Times, that discussed how bond issuance in emerging markets continue to make historical new highs.  Even Chinese real estate developers are having no problems issuing their junk bonds, as there is plenty of money chasing higher yielding assets.  We have repeatedly argued that the Federal Reserve is driving a global debt bubble (the Fed has acknowledged that it is purposely attempting to increase debt and leverage in the economy), and speculated that the bursting of this final bubble will lead to the chaos that will result in the final rising of the Beast.

This site has also argued that there is a growing underclass in America, and this is resulting in the erosion of democracy in America.  A recent article in the New York Times supports our argument

We have also argued that the failure of the Federal government to protect the nation’s borders and current attempts at ‘immigration reform’ (the laws are not broken — they are just not being enforced) is one factor for the growth of the underclass.  Organizations who oppose the new ‘reforms’ are now making similar economic arguments as found in this site — that illegal immigration and proposals to allow more immigration will further exacerbate the plight of the poor and working poor (which now is at least 47% of the labor in America as that is the number receiving financial help from the government) (http://news.yahoo.com/conservatives-aim-defeat-immigration-bill-stressing-economy-212332654.html).

However, others have yet to discuss the implications of this for democracy and the rise of the next dictator, the Beast.

The children of the Beast have accumulated great wealth.  They have benefitted from the economic policies that have resulted in the massive income disparities.  They are using that wealth to achieve their political agenda, which is supportive for the ascension of the Beast.  The Beast will rise, as that is prophesied in Revelation.  There is no prophecy in the Bible that says America will fall under the dominion of the Beast — though we can see that his children are very active in America.  Believers must fight to make America safe from the Beast at the time of his ascension — and that means fighting the children of the Beast now.  We must secure a refuge for Believers, a place where people will not be forced to take the mark of the Beast.

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