Becoming more mainstream

We have long argued that the melting permafrost in the Arctic zone and the release of methane, has become a self-reinforcing, natural (as opposed to man-made) global warming cycle.  Man-made global warming has progressed to the point where it has triggered natural global warming processes.  These natural global warming cycles, once triggered, will eventually trigger … Continue reading “Becoming more mainstream”

‘It’s getting hot in here, so …..’

Been listening to Nelly recently.  Lyrics seemed appropriate for the topic, sort of. Not only is the Arctic heating up during the summer time, but now it is even ‘hot’ during the winter. Last week, there were Arctic temperatures that were 50 degrees Fahrenheit above its historical norms, with the daily high reaching 32 … Continue reading “‘It’s getting hot in here, so …..’”

Speaking of the Devil

This site has speculated that the mark of the Beast will be manifested by the creation of a nation-wide bio identification system.  The e-Verify system seemed like the most likely candidate.  However, a new bill has been passed in the US Congress, which will facilitate the creation of a nation-wide ID system that will have … Continue reading “Speaking of the Devil”

Maximize Damage

The policies being enacted to deal with the extreme contagious nature of the Wuhan virus is causing secondary effects, which is exacerbating the economic impact of the virus.  With local governments closing down their economy, workers are being fired and business are going bankrupt.  Panic is driving decision making, turning a bad situation into a … Continue reading “Maximize Damage”

Ongoing Attack on Democracy

This site has been making the argument that when the Beast rises to his final place in power, he will rule as a tyrant.  Even beyond that, Paul tells us that he will eventually create a theocracy, ruling the as a self-proclaimed God (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).  For this reason, his agents are relentlessly attacking the … Continue reading “Ongoing Attack on Democracy”

The Rivalry Heats Up

This site has recently speculated that the Whore of Babylon and the Beast are vying to see who will inherit Satan’s mantle of power (yeah, that really sounds out there, even to me, but please bear with me).  Chapter 17 in the Book of Revelation talks in great detail of the Whore of Babylon.  This … Continue reading “The Rivalry Heats Up”

Supporting Development

As of late, we have been focusing on the conflict in Ukraine and how it is reflective of the relationship between America and Europe.  What drives our interest is our belief that certain prophecies found in Revelation are not only directly related to ongoing events in Europe, but also, those prophecies give us a view … Continue reading “Supporting Development”