Before God killed all life by flooding the world, He saved Noah and his family.  Before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, He saved Lot.  We are told that before God pours out His wrath in the End of Days, He will call up His Believers to Him, in what is known as the rapture.  I pray that this is true, as things will get very bad, to say the least, leading up to the return of Christ.

However, despite all the arguments used to support the teaching surrounding the rapture, there is no place in the Bible that specifically says God will save His Believers from the End of Days.  Revelation says that God will mark 144,000 people, Jewish people, whom God will protect — but they are not going anywhere.  We are also told that God will pour out His wrath on those people who take the mark of the Beast and worship the Beast.  The implication being that if you are a Believer, and that you are still around when the Beast comes to power, if you stay true and do not take the mark, you will be spared from certain sufferings.

Some will argue that the rapture will take place before the time of Tribulation starts (which relates to the rise of the Beast to power), and other will say that the rapture will happen after the Beast rises to power, but the bottom line is that the rapture is not a done deal.

I cannot help but think that as Believers living in the End of Days, we will be tested and that God will require more from us.  Jesus told us not to worry about what we will eat or wear, and this is fine if you are single.  However, if you have family and friends, you need to help take care of them — and that means keeping them safe and fed.  You do not need to go to extremes, but you should be making contingency plans.  Even if we do get raptured, you can leave messages behind for your family and friends — telling them where you hid your food and gold.  They will need both if they are to be kept safe from the Beast and his minions.


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