This week, many world leaders are gathering in Paris to discuss a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gases, in an attempt to limit global warming.  Revelation tells us that, unfortunately, those politicians will not be able to stop what is coming.

From Arctic experts, we have been warned that man-made global warming has worsen to the point that it has set off ‘natural’ global warming cycles.  The warming of the Arctic has triggered the release of methane from the permafrost.  The warming of the oceans has progressed to the point where methane hydrates are melting, accelerating man-made global warming.  This phenomenon is most acute in the Arctic Ocean, in the area of the East Siberian Sea.  This water in this region is shallow, which allows the methane to directly enter the atmosphere.  These natural cycles are being aggravated by changes in the global currents — with the bottom line result being that the water temperatures in the Arctic Ocean will only grow warmer.  The media and politicians are ignoring the impact of man-made global warming on natural global warming, and the possibility that man-made global warming has already triggered natural global warming cycles that are too late to stop.  Indeed, Revelation tells us that they are too late.

Revelation tells us that one third of the world’s trees will burn, and that God will scorch the earth with heat.  As the oceans continue to warm and as ocean acidification progresses, algae blooms will grow ever larger, and will result in 1/3 of the world’s oceans being covered in the red tide — as Revelation tells us that the oceans will turn to blood and kill all marine life.  Even freshwater will warm and grow more acidic, and harmful algae blooms will poison much of the world’s sources of fresh water, making it ‘bitter’ and killing many people in the process.  Perhaps it will be these impacts of global warming that will trigger a massive global war, where Revelation says a very large percentage of mankind will die.

It is my belief that global warming will end up being the direct and indirect driver of many of the prophecies found in Revelation.  In the not so distant future, perhaps within the next few years (or few months), God will open the sixth seal, and show the whole world that we are in the End of Days — after that things will get very serious, and global warming will then spike higher as the seven trumpets of the seventh seal start to blow.


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