Fallen Angel

We have previously argued that the conversion to homosexuality builds almost insurmountable walls that stop a person from finding God.  When a minor or young person is used for homosexual sex acts, it can result in ‘imprinting’, similar to how a duck connects with his mother.  Just as a duckling can be made to think that a basketball or dog is his mother, so can a child come to link sex to members of the same sex.  The line, ‘I was born that way’, is the big lie.  Young people are converted to gay-ism by forms of sex abuse.

Examples of this conversion process has made the news recently.


The systematic sexual abuse of young soccer players by their coaches is but one example of how young men are converted to homosexuality.


Catholic priests are not the only pedophiles that can be found lurking in religious institutions.  They also exist in Jewish religious schools.  I cannot thing of a greater betrayal — a spiritual leader, through his own sexual depravity, condemns a child to not only a life long burden of confused sexuality, but should that child be converted to homosexuality, the betrayal means a wall has been built that will most likely keep that child away from God.

The normalization of homosexuality, such as the legalization of gay marriage, will mean that more and more children will be converted to gay-ism through different forms of sexual abuse of minors.  It is a tragedy and represents part of the social agenda of the Beast.

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