The third and final supermoon of 2016 will occur on December 16th.  We have previously referred to research from the University of Tokyo which argued for a casual link between full moons and larger earthquakes.  Since the time around the November supermoon until now, there have been a number of large earthquakes around the world — Central America, New Zealand, Japan, and other areas.  Though the probability is extremely low, we continue to think that now would be as good a time any for the supermoon to trigger an earthquake that then triggers the eruption of a supervolcano.  The odds of this occurring is probably similar to that of a monkey randomly typing on a keyboard and reproducing a Shakespearean play.  Despite the odds, we continue to speculate that it will be the eruption of a supervolcano that will bring about the manifestations of the opening of the Sixth Seal (please refer to the topic, ‘Science and the Sixth Seal’).

This site has argued that the opening of the Sixth Seal is next on the timeline of Revelation.  Time will tell whether we are correct in our speculations.

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