The Voice of the Beast

Kim Jong-un has the Korean Central News Agency.  The Chinese Communist Party has the Xinhua News Agency.  Putin has Tass.  The Beast has MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, and more.

The ongoing propaganda machine of the Beast continues 24/7, as they promote the political and social agenda of the Beast.  The Beast will take on the mantle of the Jewish secular moshiach, as they both seek the same political goals.

In the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians, Paul writes about the End of Days, when the Beast will enter the Jewish Temple (that is to be rebuilt in the End of Days) and command all those under his dominion to worship him as God.  In relation to this, 2 Thessalonians 2:11, Paul writes:

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

Those trapped in the dominion of the Beast will be bombarded by this same mass media.  The media will tell the people that the Beast is the Messiah (in the secular-Jewish tradition), and that he is to be worshiped as God.  The false Elijah, the second Beast, will perform wondrous signs to show the divinity of the Beast, and God will allow the masses to be deluded by this 24/7 propaganda.

The propaganda of the Beast will continue until the return of Christ.  Don’t be foolish and believe their half-truths, lies, and deceit.

Systematic Voter Fraud

Trump is fighting back against the systematic voter fraud that is cancer eating away at the heart of democratic process — free and fair elections.

One can expect that those states with the most systematic and blatant voter fraud will resist the most.  Cuomo of the New York has attack this initiative — probably because he fears that massive fraud will be discovered.

 We can only assume that California will similarly fight tooth and nail to not disclose their voter registration information.  The agents of the Beast are using illegal immigration to attack the sovereignty of nations and to also attack democracy by using illegal immigrants for massive voter fraud.
The agents of the Beast continue to work 24/7 to achieve their political agenda.  It is the duty of Believers to resist their efforts and buy time for our children.
Fake Economic Data
We have often argued that the US government economic releases relating to inflation are ‘fake’, in that they do not reflect the increase in the cost of living experienced by most of the population.  At least 60-70% of the population are experiencing increases in the cost of living closer to 10% than to 1-2% (the figure being released by the government).
It would appear the ‘fake’ economic data of the government is not limited to inflation.
One report argues that the government numbers on employment are more or less made up, being based merely on models, and not on any actual factual gathering of data.  This would be consistent with our argument that the current monetary policy is resulting in creating wealth gaps more consistent with a feudal society, and which will cause an ongoing erosion in democracy as the top 1% is able to use their wealth to buy politicians — and hence, buy laws and policies.  The agents of the Beast are using their bought politicians to further their political agenda.
Jeremy Corbyn still goes his own way
Corbyn was elected leader of the UK Labor party by its party members — to the dismay of many of the Labor MPs who are bought by the agents of the Beast.  Corbyn holds many policy positions which are contrary to the political agenda of the Beast.
Corbyn has been attack for not opposing Brexit.  Brexit represents the United Kingdom taking back its national sovereignty, and regaining control of its border and immigration policy — all of which go against the agenda of the Beast.  Corbyn is now facing a revolt of many of the Labor MPs, who are still seeking to stop Brexit.
The agents of the Beast have politicians on both the left and the right.  For those who are fighting against the Beast’s agenda, their is no left or right, as many ‘mainstream’ politicians have sold themselves, irregardless of party.

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