On October 14th, ABC News came out with an article about Los Angeles (http://abcnews.go.com/US/t/story/los-angeles-mayor-id-card-immigrants-17472428).  The current mayor, Villaraigosa, is proposing to issue city I.D. cards that will also have ATM functionality.  Those who oppose the move point to the fact that these I. D. cards will be available to illegal aliens, making it easier for them to live in the U.S. despite their illegal status.  Though the use of illegal immigrants is a discussion that does relate to the political agenda of the Beast, that is not the main point here.
In previous discussions, we have discussed the dangers of linking I.D. cards with electronic economic transactions, e.g. ATM transactions, as it links directly to the mark of the Beast.  As often quoted on this site, Revelation says that the Beast will force his mark on the right hand or forehead of those who fall under his power, and none will be able to buy or sell without that mark.  Moving this into a modern context, the Beast (i.e. the Anti-Christ) will impose a national I.D. registration (and perhaps international as he will gain power over 10 nations) and without this I.D., no one will be able to buy or sell any goods or services — a direct linkage between the I.D. and economic transactions.
From my own limited observations, this will be the first direct linkage between an identification system and financial transactions (its dual use as an ATM card).  With the phenomenal popularity of the iPhone and the growing use of smart phones for purchases, the infrastructure for a cashless society is being established.  The linkage of government sponsored identification systems to that electronic transaction infrastructure is a direct link to this prophecy in Revelations.
Revelation has warned us that any receiving the mark of the Beast will be damned — I cannot think of anything more dangerous.  To suffer from hunger, to be beset by disease, to die for one’s beliefs — all of this can be endured.  To be damned forever — that is the worst as it is a condition that lasts for an eternity.

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