“AOC” seems to be a recent darling of the mass media.  I only mention it as it seems she too has launched a campaign against cow farts.


Given that quality fresh fruits and vegetables are often unobtainable (e.g. if you live in a poor neighborhood, or it is winter) and if they are available at the local supermarket, they can be quite costly (let us not forget the privileged upbringing AOC was fortunate enough to have).  Hamburger is a cheap source of protein (eating too many eggs is way too unhealthy in the long run) that many families are dependent on (as is milk for children).  Only elitists, with no concept of the difficulties of trying to provide healthy meals for one’s family, attack the consumption of beef and milk.  Only the well off can afford the time and money to go vegan.

This rant has no direct linkage with any of the prophecies of Revelation.  However, there is a possible connection between AOC’s “New Green Deal” and the other socialist election platforms being tossed about by the Democratic Presidential candidates.

This site has argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant, and that he will destroy any remaining vestiges of democratic process.  We have highlighted that the agents of the Beast have been using the Nazi paradigm in their quest for political domination.  The use of the major media for propaganda and the “anti-Fa” to physically attack political opposition are tactics directly out of the National Socialists (aka Nazi) play book.  It is often an ignored fact that the policies espoused by the National Socialist party in Germany were …. socialist policies for the redistribution of wealth.  It is amazing that the agents of the Beast are using the same tactics that Hitler used in his rise to power — I guess why mess with proven success.  Hitler and his inner circle fully intended to rule as a dictatorship once they gained power through the democratic process.  We hold that the same is true for the Beast and his agents.  Democracy is fully established in America (and in Western Europe), unlike the Wiemar Republic, so it takes longer to undermine and destroy — but they are making rapid progress.


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