I was reading about a blogger who created a site to discuss the melting of the Arctic ice.  It became fairly popular and had different scientists as well as laymen, contributing.  In the end, the blogger became depressed because he was acutely aware of the implications of the historic melting of the summer Arctic ice (which continues to worsen).  He became so despondent that he had to quit the site.  This also reminds me of a story of a climate scientist, who became so depressed with the implications of his research, that he quit his job and moved to the jungles of Peru (though I am sure he has since realized his mistake and has moved further south, to the Southern Hemisphere).  I can understand what those people must have experienced, as the implications of this site are tremendously bad — if you are not a Believer.

Perhaps there will be a rapture at some point during the End of Days, so we will not have to experience the worst of what is to come.  Or perhaps there will not be a rapture at all — but rather, God will mark us (as referred to in Revelation 9:4, “but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads”) and help keep us safe from what is to come.  Either way, as His servants, we must continue to live in faith and be thankful for all that He has done for us.

With that in mind, I would like to return to what will happen after the Seventh Seal is opened.  I have recently been discussing the implications of Revelation 9:15, where a war will occur that will kill 1/3 of men.  We have argued that such a war must surely entail the use of nuclear weapons, given the tremendous casualty rate.  Just recently, by coincidence, a report was published by a group that is seeking the abolition of all nuclear weapons.

New Report Warns Nuclear War Is Inevitable Unless Cooler Heads Prevail

They seem to agree with our conclusions on the inevitability of nuclear war (though for different reasons).  I have looked further into our argument that a nuclear war will start along the Euphrates River (as implied by Revelation) and found two interesting things.  The first were reports, or perhaps only hypotheses, that Saudi Arabia has access to nuclear weapons.

Saudi Arabia: We Have Nukes

The reports are that Saudi Arabia paid Pakistan (who definitely has nuclear weapons) for the technology/weapons.  There are also less reliable reports that Qatar also has a nuclear bomb.


When we also add to this the unverified but universally believed fact that Israel is in possession of nuclear weapons, we can make the case for another scenario.  The nuclear war implied by the above passage of Revelation, could be started by either Israel, Saudi Arabia, or Qatar.  All three nations are involved, though indirectly, in the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria (they are all believed to be supporting the factions attacking Assad and other Shiite groups).

Given this new possible scenario (let us call it Scenario B), politicians like Jeremy Corbyn become more interesting.  Corbyn is the leader of the UK Labor party, and is intensely disliked by the mass media — and by many MPs of his own party (politicians who we would argue are bought out by the agents of the Beast).  One of the policies he is hated for, is that he would withdraw British armed forces from the Middle East (i.e. no longer support the endless wars against Muslims) and on top of that, he would stop funding Britain’s Trident program — its submarines armed with nuclear missiles.  Should these two polices be implemented, then based on our understanding of the prophecies of Revelation, the United Kingdom could very well come out unscathed in the coming nuclear war — there would be zero reasons to launch nuclear missiles at it.  Food for thought.

Where as, we do not know how the prophecies will manifest themselves, we do know that they are coming, and are able to see possible paths to the final destination.  As Believers, we can find solace in the fact that as we progress through the timeline of Revelation, each step takes us closer to Christ’s return and the establishment of His 1000 year reign on Earth.

Think positive — 2/3 of mankind will survive the coming nuclear war.

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