We have recently started to speculate that one reason why the illegitimate Biden administration is attempting to provoke a conflict in Ukraine, is to enable the Democrats to once again rig the election — this time for the US Congressional elections.  The Democrats (with the full support of the mass media) will claim that the federal government will need to take control of the voting machines in order to prevent Russia hacking/interference/etc.

The illegitimate Biden administration has started a commission to look into Russia hacking (well, they don’t mention the Russians, but that is where it will lead to).

Biden Administration Forms Cybersecurity Review Board to Probe Failures – WSJ

Biden Administration Forms Board To Examine National Cybersecurity Risks | ZeroHedge

Whether there is a false flag cyber-attack, a Chinese hacking, or some other ransomware related incident, the “narrative” (I really do hate that word) will be gradually crafted, making it seem “obvious” that the federal government will need to “protect” the voting machines from Russian interference.  The sole goal of this effort is to enable the Whore to once again rig the elections, but this time in order to gain control of the US Congress (i.e. majority in the House and filibuster proof majority in the Senate).

Whatever does eventually pan out, Revelation tells us that God will judge the Whore of Babylon, and in the scenario this site has argued for, the Whore will be destroyed before the Rapture and the Marriage of the Lamb takes place (please refer to earlier posts).  Needless to say, it feels like things are starting to come to a head.


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