Major media starts to talk about ocean currents

We have been discussing ocean currents a lot recently, and yesterday the Washington Post published an article that covered many similar points – Though I am sure they are not reading this site for ideas, it is nice to beat them to the ‘story’.  Perhaps they will soon start talking about rising global volcanic … Continue reading “Major media starts to talk about ocean currents”

We are not alone….

This site has been arguing that the rate of increase in global temperatures must increase, in order to be the force behind certain prophecies in Revelation.  We have argued this because the current scientific estimates for the rise in global temperatures to the degree needed to bring about prophecies in Revelations is 80 to 100 … Continue reading “We are not alone….”

Arctic methane related blogs

I have recently found two blogs that are dedicated to publishing news and research relating to Arctic warming.  It appears that they publish verifiable data and make reference to published research, so I am assuming that these sites are reliable. I have referenced these blog sites because they have very interesting pieces on … Continue reading “Arctic methane related blogs”

Summer is coming.

India has recently undergone a heat spike, killing thousands of people before the monsoons came to cool down the country.  Pakistan was next in the headlines, as that country too started to burn from the heat of the sun, killing hundreds of people – – Though the weather authorities have declared an El Nino in … Continue reading “Summer is coming.”

Bits and Pieces

Look Beyond the Headlines The slaughter of Believers in a church in South Carolina is being seen as a racist act, rather than one of religious martyrdom, given the testimony of the killer.  However, there are plenty of other places where black people (this is one instance where I wish there would be some definitive alternative … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”


The European Union has asked for and received its pound of flesh from Greece, in return for additional financial support of that country.  Greece was forced to surrender its sovereign rights over control of certain national assets, as well as its ability to regulate its own banking system.  It is a process which we have … Continue reading “Observations”

Death of the Antarctica Bottom Water current

Given the California drought is expanding into the West Coast drought, as drought conditions expand in Oregon and Washington, I thought it best to further look into one of the main factors causing this drought — the giant ‘blob’ of warm ocean water forming off the California coast, which is causing the ‘ridiculously resilient’ high … Continue reading “Death of the Antarctica Bottom Water current”

Expanding Drought on the West Coast of America

There is a good reason for all of the forest fires in Oregon and Washington — high temperatures and drought are worsening in those states.,-extreme-drought-expands-in-western-us/ Though I have not seen any research on what is causing the unprecedented warming of the ocean off the California coast (which is a distinct phenomenon from the developing … Continue reading “Expanding Drought on the West Coast of America”

The role of Arctic warming

Arctic warming plays a key role in global warming, and thus, an important role in the manifestation of many prophecies in Revelation. Anthropogenic global warming has been slowing progressing over the decades as industrial development resulted in an increasing amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.  This man made global warming, at present … Continue reading “The role of Arctic warming”