We are not there yet…

The Ebola outbreak in Africa has been in the news for a while now as the viral outbreak continues unabated in West Africa.  At the start of the End of Days, with the release of the horsemen, pestilence is not mentioned until the fourth riders, where Death and Hades are released.  Should Ebola break out … Continue reading “We are not there yet…”


The escalation of the fighting in Ukraine increases the risks of a major European war.  Though Obama has stated that he has not intention of any military intervention in Ukraine, and though Merkel (and other European leaders) have neither the intention nor the means to intervene militarily in Ukraine, war can still occur.  As the … Continue reading “Magnification”

The Black Rider is coming

The events in Ukraine have the potential to trigger a war between Russia and NATO.  We have argued that this would be taken as confirmation that the 2nd rider, the Red rider has been unleashed upon the world.  However, after the Red rider comes the 3rd horseman — the Black rider, the bringer of famine. … Continue reading “The Black Rider is coming”

Bits and Pieces

Beta Testing In Venezuela, it was announced that in order to enforce food rationing, the government will require all citizens to have their fingerprints scanned when they buy food — http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-28891292. Given the expense of rolling out a nationwide mandatory fingerprint checking system, it makes you wonder if there is someone behind the scenes subsidizing the … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

Ebola outside of West Africa

There was news article recently that said WHO has recommended that Ebola victims in one of the stricken West African nations be treated at home going forward.  By this WHO is indicating that it has given up on at least one of those nations.  Given this, it makes sense for any residents of that nation … Continue reading “Ebola outside of West Africa”

What if…the NASA scientist is right?

Earlier, we wrote about the NASA scientist who claims that California will exhaust its supply of surface fresh water within the next 12 months (he actually asserted that only 12 months’ supply of surface water is left, but we will ignore the subtle difference).  The assumption embedded in that claim is that the heat and … Continue reading “What if…the NASA scientist is right?”

House of Representatives votes to send arms to Ukraine

Though mostly ignored by major media outlets, the US House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing arms shipments to Ukraine.  Though ‘defensive’ in nature, it represents further US escalation of the Ukraine conflict — http://www.cato.org/blog/congress-quietly-passes-ukraine-bill. America has not had much luck in ‘helping’ other nations when it comes to military involvement.  America’s attempts to ‘help’ countries … Continue reading “House of Representatives votes to send arms to Ukraine”

Another war in the Middle East

America has been using its drones to bomb ‘terrorists’ in Yemen for quite some time now.  It also gave hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms to a ‘friendly’ government in the same country.  The ‘terrorists’ that were the target of American drone strikes have taken over the country of Yemen, and the friendly … Continue reading “Another war in the Middle East”


In some ways, the prophecies of Revelation are similar to the classical piece, Bolero, composed by Ravel.  Bolero starts with one instrument playing, in a slow melodic fashion.  A second instrument then comes in, and then a third.  The tempo quickens and soon the whole orchestra is playing, making a discordant climax. In Revelation, it … Continue reading “Bolero”