Technology for a cashless society

I was looking around the Web to follow up on the story about the new digital identification system in India — it uses retinal scans and finger prints to create a unique I.D. signature on their system.  It was reported to be a private company that is responsible for creating and implementing that system.  When … Continue reading “Technology for a cashless society”

The mark of the Beast coming to you first at your local airport

On CNN, there was a short news story about the possible introduction of finger print and retinal scans at US airports.  They interviewed someone who argued that the implementation of finger print and retinal scans at airports would be helpful in processing people faster at security gates, and help flag risky types for more attention. … Continue reading “The mark of the Beast coming to you first at your local airport”

Will Germany leave the EU before Greece?

There was an interesting editorial piece in the Financial Times this past week, where one of the FT writers, Martin Wolf, was discussing how a German departure from the Euro bloc would benefit the people of Germany.  It was surprising to find an article with such a tone. It is currently feared by many that … Continue reading “Will Germany leave the EU before Greece?”

Sanctuary from the Beast

I read on article on the BBC news site that since the election, the White House has received 20 petitions from groups seeking the succession of their states from the Union. The petition from Texas was the largest, with over 25,000 signatures. Though the possibility seems remote, Texas leaving the Union and forming a separate … Continue reading “Sanctuary from the Beast”

New Danger on the Horizon

We have been highlighting the growing danger that America will fall under the dominion of the Beast at the time of his ascension.  This danger is seen in a recent op-ed piece in a recent edition of the Economist.  The article is calling for the signing of a free trade agreement between America and the … Continue reading “New Danger on the Horizon”

Free Trade Agreement between the US and EU

On Bloomberg News (, as well as in a recent Economist, it is reported that the US and EU are preparing to formally enter into negotiations to create a free trade agreement.  America has made similar agreements with other nations — but should negotiations be successful, the implications are far reaching. Unlike past deals, the European … Continue reading “Free Trade Agreement between the US and EU”

England, Be Brave!

The Cameron administration of the United Kingdom is considering on whether to hold a referendum in the UK on whether it should stay in the European Union, letting the people make the final decision.  The Obama administration has come out against it — which is not surprising considering its track record ( Let us pray … Continue reading “England, Be Brave!”

Point of No Return

As the saying goes, its never over until its over.  We must never give up on America and Believers must keep working to keep the country safe from the Beast and his minions.  However, we are approaching a possible point of no return. The US Supreme court is perhaps the last defense against the Beast … Continue reading “Point of No Return”

England, Be Brave — continued

More reporting on the movement to leave the EU in England (  For Believers, there may not be a single political issue that has more ramifications than the decision to join or leave the European Union.  The importance of this issue is not based on economics, nor is it based on nationalism.  This issue is … Continue reading “England, Be Brave — continued”

A worker ID card for all Americans

It was reported in the Wall Street Journal that certain Senators are considering ‘immigration reform’.  One proposal being considered is to require that all US workers will need to have a workers identification card, to prove that they are legally qualified to work in the US.  There is also talk to make the card ‘bio-metric’, … Continue reading “A worker ID card for all Americans”